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World Book Day 2019: Kennedy Library’s Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

On April 23, 2019 the world came together for it’s annual celebration of reading and literature. With the event seen as an important platform for humanitarian issues from literacy to immigration; many authors, libraries and publishing companies took to Twitter to spread awareness.

However, one voice was noticeably silent.

As of Tuesday evening, Cal Poly’s Kennedy Library social media failed to acknowledge the event altogether, leaving some students to question the library’s commitment to it’s literacy programs and other philanthropic efforts.

First-year business major Jeremy Lee says,”With how much Cal Poly promotes diversity and all of the events thrown at the library during the year you would think that they would see World Book Day as an opportunity to bring the community together.”

In fact, other universities have successfully used the platform in the past.

Partnered with the Los Angeles Times, University of Southern California hosts an annual Festival of Books ahead of World Book Day.

The festival serves as a meeting place for the community all while promoting literacy and global awareness.

Lee believes that Cal Poly could benefit from events similar to this.

“Not too many people are excited about anything our library has to say,” says Lee, “if we had an attraction to get people involved for a good cause we could only stand to benefit from that.”

While Kennedy Library may have stayed out of the conversation this year, World Book Day 2020 may see Cal Poly among those in support of world literacy and diversity.


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